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#13417 AGS: Invalid savegames created on big-endian systems new big endian, BE, AGS, saves, savegames defect high
#10447 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD/JP) - Character speech display does not match that of Mega CD behaviour new scumm, monkey-sega-jp, monkey defect normal
#10696 SCUMM: MI1 (EGA) - CMS music has problems pending Monkey Island, EGA, Music, CMS antoniou79 defect normal
#10940 AGOS: StS1 - savegame causes hang after first interaction (quick save/load) new savegame defect normal
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) new monkey island, scrolling, cursor, segacd, mi1 defect normal
#11645 GUI: "New save"-button state handling is broken. new gui savegame new save defect normal
#12727 ANDROID: Allow Save location in SDcard (Write permission on SD) new Android, SDCard, Write permission, Savegames, Saves, Overwrite defect normal
#13014 SCUMM: Monkey Island EGA: MT32 episode presentation music loops where it shouldn't new MT32, music, loop, monkey, ega defect normal
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