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#11487 ULTIMA 6: German patch version is not in German language new Ultima defect normal
#11949 ULTIMA: Missing/incorrect graphics in the main menu new Ultima IV, Graphics defect normal
#12098 ULTIMA VIII: Keymapping for left-click does not function with books new Ultima VIII left-click defect low
#12302 ULTIMA4: Moongate remains on screen new Ultima IV moongate defect low
#12304 ULTIMA4: 2nd combat instance applies Quickness to all party members new Ultima IV quickness combat second dreammaster defect low
#12480 ULTIMA4:: sound FX loops new Ultima IV sound loop defect low
#12481 ULTIMA4: Text Colorization does not work new Ultima IV text colorization defect low
#12534 ULTIMA6: Throwing items do not auto-ready new Ultima VI; throwing weapons defect normal
#12536 ULTIMA6: "new" style is unstable new Ultima VI; crash; cast spell defect normal
#13229 PSP: PS Vita Ultima 8: controls don´t work at all new PS Vita Ultima 8 defect normal
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