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#3799 DRASCULA: slowdown when you hold mouse buttons new slowdown,mouse sev- defect normal
#10447 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD/JP) - Character speech display does not match that of Mega CD behaviour new scumm, monkey-sega-jp, monkey defect normal
#10804 MADE: Return to Zork FM-TOWNS Unknown Variant new detection fm-towns japanese defect normal
#11354 SCI: CASTLEBRAIN - Stereo audio flipped in hourglass puzzle new stereo audio hourglasses defect normal
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) new monkey island, scrolling, cursor, segacd, mi1 defect normal
#12251 SCUMM/HE: Missing visual effects on Spy Fox in Cheese Chase new missing graphics effects SpyFox Cheese Chase defect normal
#12532 PORTS: ANDROID: Mouse Cursor Snaps to Top Left Corner on Android 8.1.0 Device new android touch mouse cursor snap top left defect normal
#12918 IOS: iOS 14 mouse support new iOS iPad mouse feature request normal
#12993 GUI: Segmentation fault when clicking on Options in the ScummVM GMM pending freeze, segmentation fault, GMM, Options antoniou79 defect normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new Screenshots, Mouse, Mouse Capture, Paths, GUI, Options, Settings feature request normal
#13364 FluidSynth: If audio preferred device is set to default, it auto sets to FluidSynth in next startup new music_driver, FluidSynth, Settings, GUI, Start Up defect normal
#13462 SCUMM v7-8: DiMUSE: Large audio lag in 2.6git compared to 2.5.1 new Dimuse defect normal
#13467 Built in Point & Click Support for GRIM Games new Mouse Controls, EMI, Mod feature request normal
#13545 Many games are not listed in series group new Series defect normal
#13580 GUI: File browser should start from selected path new paths, browser feature request normal
#13835 Unknown game variant for director new house jam defect normal
#13837 Unknown game variant for director new Best Service Soundwave Company and CD-ROMs defect normal
#12304 ULTIMA4: 2nd combat instance applies Quickness to all party members new Ultima IV quickness combat second dreammaster defect low
#13149 GRIM: Grim Fandango % year 4 sewer transparency new grim, transparency, sewer, year 4, 2.5.0 defect low
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