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#11295 BLADERUNNER: save games may not work on macOS Catalina new saving fails, macOS Catalina defect normal
#11519 GLK: text is low resolution on macOS retina display new MacOSX defect normal
#12515 AGS: Mac Steam games by Clifftop Games not detected when user selects .app file new steam macos feature request normal
#12918 IOS: iOS 14 mouse support new iOS iPad mouse feature request normal
#12935 BURIED: Windows hotkeys are used on macOS new buried-win macOS defect normal
#12983 INDY3: Macintosh version uses PC verb GUI with high-res fonts rather than proper Mac GUI new scumm, indiana jones, last crusade, indiana jones 3, indy3, macintosh, mac defect normal
#12984 LOOM: Mac version font centering is inaccurate, and Practice window can't be moved around screen new scumm, loom, macintosh, mac defect normal
#13169 MYST3: missing scene transition effect on PowerPC (big-endian) machines on all OSes new big endian, BE, Myst3, AmigaOS defect normal
#13242 SKY: Beneath a Steel Sky crashing on MacOS M1 new macos m1 defect normal
#13429 OpengGL with Shaders over OGLES2 cause visuall trash when we spawn a GUI of Launcher. new OpenGL ES, graphics, GUI, Launcher, AmigaOS4 defect normal
#13436 AGS: Maniac Mansion Deluxe (AGS) Excessive movement on iOS new Maniac Mansion Deluxe, AGS, iOS defect normal
#13634 Space Quest I VGA remake - Patched to Version 2.1 new SQ1VGA/SCI/DOS English patch normal
#13642 MADS: Rex Nebular crashes if autosave triggers during the intro new autosave defect normal
#13714 iOS Issue “Could not initialize color format.” On starting The 11th Hour new Ios defect normal
#13763 SCUMM: LOOM (EGA): Inaccurate text position new text positioning defect normal
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