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#11598 GOB3: French version works incorrectly new unrecognized version French, Italian, Spanish defect normal
#13485 FriBiDi: Error when compiling because some symbols are not allowed. new fribidi defect normal
#13771 French translation variant for asylum new french patch normal
#12993 GUI: Segmentation fault when clicking on Options in the ScummVM GMM pending freeze, segmentation fault, GMM, Options antoniou79 defect normal
#13365 SCUMM: French version of The Dig has original audio issues in SMUSH new dig,french,audio,smush feature request normal
#13663 HYPNO: Slow frame rate, navigation issue and frequent sound pops new audio, pops, frame rate neuromancer defect normal
#11376 BLADERUNNER: freezing on ScummVM Wii 2.1.1 new Blade Runner, Wii, freeze defect normal
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