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#6018 BACKENDS: Touchscreen Tablets - Fullscreen mode unusable new defect normal
#6957 BACKENDS: ARM - ARM ASM sound code causes distorted audio on 32 bit armv6 new defect normal
#7558 SDL: mouse emulation through cursor keys new feature request normal
#10300 BACKENDS: SDL: ScummVM-gui can resize weird when changing graphics and fullscreen toggle new defect normal
#11199 BACKENDS: Switch - Cloud saves feature on Nintendo Switch is not connecting new defect normal
#11358 BACKENDS: 3DS - Blurry text in KQ6 new defect normal
#11405 BACKENDS: RPi 3/4 - PulseAudio hoarse sound on any game new defect normal
#12797 Debug with gdb - no debugging symbols found new defect normal
#12978 KEYMAPPER: Separate the virtual mouse from the global keymap new defect normal
#13091 ScummVM 2.5.0 installer for WinXP: "Entry point _difftime64 not found in msvcrt.dll" new defect normal
#9013 Enforce aspect ratio in fullscreen SDL new patch low
#9697 BACKENDS: RPi3 - mouse / desktop capture issue new defect low
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