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#6810 ARM: Various Crashes due to buggy ARM ASM optimizations new defect high 5 years ago
#6957 AUDIO: ARM ASM sound code causes distorted audio on 32 bit armv6 new defect high 4 years ago
#11199 SWITCH: Cloud saves feature on Nintendo Switch is not connecting new defect high 2 months ago
#11225 Physical Key Remap for Nintendo Switch new Scorpeg defect high 7 weeks ago
#4650 MOTOMAGX: voices sound faster than normal new defect normal 10 years ago
#6018 Fullscreen mode unusable on tablets (touchscreens) new defect normal 8 years ago
#7558 SDL: mouse emulation through cursor keys new enhancement normal 13 years ago
#7847 TabletPC Wacom Penabled Support new enhancement normal 7 years ago
#10299 BACKENDS: Retropie: SDL Cursor flashes in corner pending digitall defect normal 2 years ago
#10300 SDL: ScummVM-gui can resize weird when changing graphics and fullscreen toggle new defect normal 2 years ago
#10695 ppc64le incorrectly detected as big endian new defect normal 16 months ago
#7556 SDL: Remap joystick buttons via scummvmrc new enhancement low 13 years ago
#7576 ScummVM for UMPC/Tablet PC new enhancement low 13 years ago
#9013 Enforce aspect ratio in fullscreen SDL new patch low 11 years ago
#9697 Raspberry Pi 3: mouse / desktop capture issue new defect low 3 years ago
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