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#7645 Hi res vector graphics mixed with scaled bitmaps? new enhancement low 12 years ago
#9967 OPENGL: FM Towns Zak McKracken shows no graphics in windowed mode new defect normal 3 years ago
#10810 Graphics: Return to Launcher changes fullscreen/windowed mode new defect normal 20 months ago
#10944 ScummVM: Implement High DPI Scaling Warnings for Windows Users new enhancement normal 15 months ago
#11075 BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for surface SDL backend new enhancement normal 11 months ago
#11076 BACKENDS: Aspect ratio correction doesn't work with SDL1 or SDL2 modes in Dreamweb new defect normal 11 months ago
#11378 Pixel Perfect: Set via Command Line Starting Scale Factor new enhancement normal 4 months ago
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