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#6781 ZVISION: Animation glitch (position? scaling?) in Nemesis laboratory new defect normal
#6797 ZVISION: Brief glitch after solving air puzzle (constellations) new defect normal
#6808 ZVISION: Sound distortion in Zork Nemesis end credits new defect normal
#7027 ZVISION: ZGI: Mass Add picks wrong directory when adding Zork: Grand Inquisitor new defect high
#10567 ZVISION: ZGI: Subtitles bugged when collecting Lantern Crate from the Dock new defect normal
#10821 ZVISION: ZGI - Getting stuck after knocking at door (location 'qe1e') & after freeing Jack (location 'ej3x') new defect normal
#10897 ZVISION: Assertion fails on locales with decimal comma new defect normal
#11180 ZVISION Crash at launch when using DVD version and high video resolution new defect normal
#11181 ZVISION Audio is clipping new defect normal
#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new defect high
#11755 ZVISION: ZORK NEMESIS: Unknown game variant. new feature request normal
#11756 ZVISION: ZGI: Mac-only CD version detected as Windows CD version. new defect low
#11992 ZVISION: Korean Nemesis Yes/No prompts new defect normal
#12051 ZVISION: ZGI DVD Crashes When MPEG Video Selected new defect normal
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