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#7739 DW1: Invert subtitle speed slider effect new dreammaster enhancement normal 11 years ago
#6013 TINSEL: DW1 - Act 2: Amazon dialog still skipping in GRA Versions new defect normal 9 years ago
#6271 TINSEL: DW1 - Can't take custard book new bluegr defect normal 8 years ago
#6395 TINSEL: Discworld (PSX) - "Eye of Offla" scene stays fully lit new defect normal 7 years ago
#7047 TINSEL: DW - Graphic Glitch when opening inventory new defect normal 5 years ago
#9625 TINSEL: DW2 - out of sound reels new digitall defect normal 4 years ago
#10176 TINSEL: DW2 (German) - displaced pixels in Intro new defect normal 3 years ago
#10657 TINSEL: DW1: Actor goes invisible when shooting dragon new defect low 2 years ago
#10658 TINSEL: DW1: ACT3 Guard floating equals new defect low 2 years ago
#10659 TINSEL: DW1: Act4 hidden city guards crash new defect normal 2 years ago
#10661 TINSEL: DW1: Dark world barman can't leave via dialogue new defect low 2 years ago
#10957 TINSEL: DW1 - Psy office event not triggered new defect low 21 months ago
#11368 Unknown game variant for tinsel - Discworld (PSX, Japanese) new dreammaster enhancement low 11 months ago
#11972 TINSEL: immediate SIGBUS on strict-alignment architectures new defect normal 2 months ago
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