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#12604 AGS: Maniac Mansion Mania (MMM) series keyboard shortcuts issues pending dreammaster defect normal
#12767 AGS: Blackwell Convergence: Gothic Bridge BGM does not start pending dreammaster defect normal
#12402 AGS: Slowness in some games. new defect normal
#12515 AGS: Mac Steam games by Clifftop Games not detected when user selects .app file new feature request normal
#12518 AGS: Whispers of a Machine - Company logos not vertically centered & show main menu background at bottom new defect low
#12594 AGS: Heroine's Quest is using strange keyboard layout for Russian language input new defect low
#12801 SYMBIAN: scummvm.exe crashes while starting if AGS engine compiled in new defect normal
#12802 AGS: AMIGA: Black Screen/Window on start of nearly all games new defect normal
#12806 AGS: Crash on starting SQ IV.5 new defect normal
#12925 AGS: Time Gentlemen, Please visual differences with standalone version in early game new defect normal
#12940 AGS: Texts render incorrectly in some games new defect normal
#12949 AGS: Whispers of a Machine - Smart Scan text is off the screen new defect low
#12972 AGS: Text outline does not work for accented/special characters new defect normal
#12974 AGS: Disable scummvm save/load feature and autosave for Dustbowl new feature request normal
#12980 AGS: Puzzle in Featherweight can't be solved new defect normal
#12982 AGS: Issue with pop-up graphics and texts (multiple games affected) new defect normal
#12998 AGS: Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake - Toolbar icons often glitch on click new defect normal
#13015 AGS: Problem with 5 Days a Stranger German accents new defect normal
#13016 AGS: text appears in german Gemini Rue version that shouldn't be there new defect normal
#13088 Gemini Rue [AGS] - Character Voice Text does not display above certain GUIs new defect normal
#13187 AGS: Lancelot's Hangover - No text in speech bubbles new defect normal
#13276 AGS: Cannot open files with non-ASCII characters in their name new defect normal
#13277 AGS: Al Emmo German DVD not starting new defect normal
#13292 AGS: Duplicate games in the Launcher scanner, or games confused by something else with mass add new defect normal
#13304 AGS: Heroine's Quest russian version is using latin font instead of cyrillic font (regression) new defect normal
#13326 Mages Initation Beta new defect normal
#13335 AGS: Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake - Winning Keapon Laffin's Game causes crash new defect normal
#13344 AGS: Several animation issues in Chzo mythos special edition games new defect high
#13345 Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell Epiphany” new defect normal
#13348 AGS: QFG2VGA screenshots show chosen elements only new defect blocker
#13377 AGS: lamplightcity (Lamplight City) crash while Adelaide is speaking to Charlotte Robineaux new defect blocker
#13412 AGS: Zniw Adventure issues and crash (segmentation fault) new defect normal
#13417 AGS: Can't start a games on BIG-Endian/AmigaOS4 : Unalbe to load the room file 'room74.crm'. new defect high
#13436 Maniac Mansion Deluxe (AGS) Excessive movement on iOS new defect normal
#13437 AGS: Text in Maniac Mansion Deluxe not displaying properly new defect normal
#13448 AGS: Shardlight & Shardlight Demo freeze after pressing "New Game" new defect normal
#13475 Unknown game variant for ags new defect normal
#13477 AGS: Heroine's Quest intro shows portrait bug new defect normal
#13480 Support existing (Spanish) Fan Translations for AGD (KQ2/KQ3/AlEmmo) and Infamous (SQ2) new defect normal
#13482 Improve "Maniac Mansion Deluxe" detection new defect normal
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