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#7840 Add on-the-fly translation support for games new ildar.mulyukov@… enhancement normal
#9787 SCI: KQ7: Rosella walks through walls new blumentopferde@… defect normal
#10500 BACKENDS: iOS - Could not initialize color format (Broken Sword 2.5) new docheadshot defect normal
#11287 WME: Some games are using same fonts for selected and normal text new lolbot-iichan defect low
#11352 BACKENDS: Android - Loss of right click functionality from Galaxy Tab S4 stylus button new ccawley2011 defect normal
#11355 PARALLACTION: Nippon Safes (Amiga/DOS) - intro reset new Niupic defect normal
#11360 SCUMM: MI (Sega MegaCD) - scrolling should be smooth (also a special cursor while loading data) new ATMcashpoint defect normal
#11363 Unknown game variant for Toonstruck new casi84 enhancement normal
#11438 SHERLOCK: Scalpel - Dialogue text covers interface after looking at flower girl new maiolica defect high
#11555 BACKENDS: NDS - Failure to load most plugins new ccawley2011 bgK defect normal
#11712 BACKENDS: NDS - ELF loader does not handle ARM exception unwind tables new ccawley2011 defect normal
#11766 GRIM: EMI - french version shows english subtitles new bruno-mac-douglas defect low
#11149 BACKENDS: Android - Blade Runner Engine crash (SDL) pending antoniou79, ccawley2011 antoniou79 defect normal
#11394 Unknown game variant for AGOS - Simon the Sorceror 2 - GOG Edition pending MichaelGibsonAltrad lotharsm enhancement normal
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