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#7847 TabletPC Wacom Penabled Support new normal Ports 7 years ago
#7848 ScummVM Game list aligning new normal GUI 7 years ago
#7850 Option suggestion: stereo channel swap for MT32 emulation... new normal Audio: MT32 7 years ago
#7853 Add MT-32 emu support to Cruise for a Corpse new normal Engine: Cruise 6 years ago
#7856 WII: Add NTFS support new normal Port: Wii 6 years ago
#7858 Bluetooth keyboard in full screen ipad new digitall normal Port: iOS 6 years ago
#7863 Accessibility for Blind Gamers new normal --Other-- 6 years ago
#7864 MT-32 Hardware Advanced Track Selection new normal Audio: MT32 6 years ago
#7869 ANDROID: Add Action Intents new normal Port: Android 5 years ago
#7870 Please create an AppData file for ScummVM new normal Port: Linux 5 years ago
#7871 IPHONE: Store running game state when switching tasks new normal Port: iOS 5 years ago
#7873 Alternative to fighting with numpad in Indy 3 new normal Engine: SCUMM 5 years ago
#7876 Pause / Break functionality like in the original scumm and SCI executables new normal Engine: SCUMM 4 years ago
#7878 SHERLOCK: Support for Italian Fan Translation of "The Case of the Serrated Scalpel" new normal Engine: Sherlock 4 years ago
#7880 Use Miles Sound System for Humongous SCUMM Games new normal Engine: SCUMM 4 years ago
#7882 Win32 installer: Don't install QUICKSTART file if English is selected new wjp normal Port: Win32 3 years ago
#7884 Update MAME OPL to actual version. new normal Audio 3 years ago
#7887 COMI: Enable "A pirate I was meant to be" scene in German COMI new normal Engine: SCUMM 3 years ago
#7889 SCUMM: The Dig. Checksum Support for Russian translation (Old-Games.Ru). new normal Engine: SCUMM 3 years ago
#7894 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Chinese translation checksums new normal Engine: SAGA 3 years ago
#7895 Myst ME (Spanish fan made translation) new normal Engine: Mohawk 3 years ago
#9576 SCI: Resource manager should stream audio new normal Engine: SCI 3 years ago
#9580 SCI: GK2: Improve bad AV sync in GK2 VMDs new normal Engine: SCI 3 years ago
#9677 SCI: GK2: Subtitle patch doesn't work new normal Engine: SCI 2 years ago
#9678 WME: Reversion - The Meeting (Checksum) new rootfather normal Engine: Wintermute 2 years ago
#9679 WME: Reversion - The Escape (Checksum) new rootfather normal Engine: Wintermute 2 years ago
#9690 SCI: PQ4CD: Needs "dual" audio mode selection new normal Engine: SCI 2 years ago
#9755 Mention snap in install instructions pending Mataniko normal Web 2 years ago
#9781 SCI: Enable save from ScummVM menu in SCI32 games new normal Engine: SCI 2 years ago
#9792 SCI: GK1: Add option to disable cursor scaling? new normal Engine: SCI 2 years ago
#9807 SCI: GK1: Restore missing Windows video in Day 6, Bayou Cutscene? new normal Engine: SCI 2 years ago
#9839 GUI: Improve handling of 'Filter Graphics' option activation/deactivation. new normal GUI 2 years ago
#10032 SCI: MGDX: No auto-fallback to GM when MT-32 enabled new normal Engine: SCI 22 months ago
#10134 SCUMMVM: Please add a 'Prompt to Save' feature to games. new normal --Other-- 21 months ago
#10197 SCI: Shivers1: Add saving via GMM new normal Engine: SCI 21 months ago
#10313 GUI: Please clarify expected behaviour of 'Apply' button. new normal GUI 19 months ago
#10328 Ps vita uma0 support new normal Port: PSP Vita 18 months ago
#10373 SCI: Lighthouse: Cannot return to lighthouse new normal Engine: SCI 17 months ago
#10376 GUI: Enable aspect ratio correction by default new normal GUI 17 months ago
#10390 MOHAWK: Riven: Key Mapping new normal Engine: Mohawk 17 months ago
#10404 SCI: LSL7: parser behavior improvement new normal Engine: SCI 16 months ago
#10432 WME Carol Reed Mysteries hint system not working new normal Engine: Wintermute 15 months ago
#10467 Renewal of the CLI parameter --list-games new normal --Other-- 14 months ago
#10535 DOCS: Update style guide for naming of functions and template types new normal Documentation 12 months ago
#10602 MYST: Opening logos should be played after the menu, not before new normal Engine: Mohawk 11 months ago
#10697 SCUMM: Support Non-English Steam Versions of "The Dig" new normal Engine: SCUMM 9 months ago
#10708 Unknown game variant: Danish Pink Panther: Passport to Peril localisation pending whiterandrek normal Engine: Pink 8 months ago
#10719 Save game at any point (ex. in dialogue menu) new normal Engine: Sword1 8 months ago
#10720 Option to save games at any point new normal GUI 8 months ago
#10794 Strip and other dat files from zip cause they are already inside win32 exe new normal Port: Win32 7 months ago
#10863 WME - Wintermute games not recognised new normal Engine: Wintermute 5 months ago
#10886 Add massive configurations list removing / purge option new normal GUI 3 months ago
#10921 STARTREK: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Game ID new lotharsm normal Engine: Startrek 8 weeks ago
#10935 GUI: REMASTERED THEME: Clean up tooltip presentation. new normal GUI 5 weeks ago
#10944 ScummVM: Implement High DPI Scaling Warnings for Windows Users new normal Graphics 4 weeks ago
#10963 Unknown "Simon the Sorcerer 1" game variant for AGOS new normal Engine: AGOS 3 days ago
#6777 LOL: The interactive CD demo version is not supported new athrxx low Engine: Kyra 4 years ago
#7283 ALL: Favor Adlib over MT32 for SFX tracks new low Audio 16 years ago
#7455 MI1 Amiga: choose actor palette new low Engine: SCUMM 14 years ago
#7462 SCUMM: Sega CD Monkey Island has not start button new low Engine: SCUMM 13 years ago
#7477 SCALERS : 2XPM new low Graphics: Scalers 13 years ago
#7487 WINCE: no default landscape mode on Windows Mobile SE new low Port: WinCE 13 years ago
#7510 WINCE: games start in portrait mode new low Port: WinCE 13 years ago
#7513 SYMBIAN: keyboard shortcuts new anotherguest low Port: Symbian 13 years ago
#7529 PSP: scummvm.ini should be in the same dir as the EBOOT-file new joostp low Port: PSP 12 years ago
#7556 SDL: Remap joystick buttons via scummvmrc new low Ports 12 years ago
#7576 ScummVM for UMPC/Tablet PC new low Ports 12 years ago
#7583 KYRA1: Add support for Korean/DOS version new low Engine: Kyra 12 years ago
#7645 Hi res vector graphics mixed with scaled bitmaps? new low Graphics 11 years ago
#7646 Scalers cleanup new low Graphics: Scalers 11 years ago
#7647 KYRA3: add subtitles in VQA videos new low Engine: Kyra 11 years ago
#7762 OPL: Real OPL support for AdLib audio new low Audio 9 years ago
#7773 KYRA1: Add support for Czech fan tranlsation new low Engine: Kyra 9 years ago
#7818 LOL: Support subtitles in "Lore of the Lands" new low Engine: Kyra 8 years ago
#9726 AGI IIgs: inventory/see object screen new low Engine: AGI 2 years ago
#9866 PRINCE: Original game keyboard shortcuts not working (F1-F5) new low Engine: Prince 23 months ago
#9872 BASS: Add saved game details new low Engine: Sky 23 months ago
#10013 IHNM: Benny eating the child shouldn't be good new low Engine: SAGA 22 months ago
#10311 AGOS: Waxworks: Add hotkey for switching to fighting new low Engine: AGOS 19 months ago
#10363 Feature Request: Ability to hightlight ScummVM version # in GUI and copy to clipboard new low GUI 17 months ago
#10646 Previously identified KQ3 version now wrongly identified as fangame new low Engine: AGI 10 months ago
#10674 KYRA: Animation of characters is greatly accelerated after a mouse click pending athrxx low Engine: Kyra 9 months ago
#10901 Make appdata strings translatable new low GUI: Translations 3 months ago
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