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#14729 Newer updated signatures get games blocked until a new ScummVM is released new signature,signatures,detection_tables feature request normal
#5724 MD5: MOHAWK: LB - Various missing games (chacksums included) new detection fuzzie defect high
#6144 TEENAGENT: Polish CD (Nowy) Version Issue new detection digitall defect normal
#6942 SCUMM: Game variants fail to match demos correctly new detection defect normal
#13177 TWINE: Tank is stuck new collision-detection mgerhardy defect normal
#13231 TOLTECS: Demo fails to load adlib timbre file new detection defect normal
#13281 ULTIMA: Crusader No Regret, Crusader No Remorse, Ultima VIII are added by the Launcher twice in mass add new detection defect normal
#13285 MORTEVIELLE: Mortevielle Mansion was added thrice by the Launcher but one is duplicated with mass add new detection defect normal
#13287 TOON: Toonstruck is added twice by the launcher with mass add new detection defect normal
#13289 ZVISION: Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands (DOS/English) is added thrice with mass add new detection defect normal
#13731 TWINE: The movement of the meca penguin is different from dos version new collision-detection defect normal
#13839 TOLTECS: Possible Unknown Variant of 3 Skulls of the Toltecs (CD DOS) new detection defect normal
#14450 Mass add duplicates languages in myst 3 dvd new detection defect normal
#15287 SWORD2: USA 2CD Full game detected as demo new detection defect high
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