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    370370  --platform=WORD          Specify version of game (allowed values: amiga,
    371371                           atari, fmtowns, mac, nes, pc, windows)
    372372  --savepath=PATH          Path to where savegames are stored
    373   --soundfont=FILE         Select the SoundFont for MIDI playback. (Only
    374                            supported by some MIDI drivers.)
     373  --soundfont=FILE         Select the SoundFont for MIDI playback (Only
     374                           supported by some MIDI drivers)
    375375  --multi-midi             Enable combination of Adlib and native MIDI
    376376  --native-mt32            True Roland MT-32 (disable GM emulation)
     377  --enable-gs               Enable Roland GS mode for MIDI playback
    377378  --output-rate=RATE       Select output sample rate in Hz (e.g. 22050)
    378379  --aspect-ratio           Enable aspect ratio correction
    379380  --render-mode=MODE       Enable additional render modes (cga, ega, hercGreen
    784785Windows MIDI driver, use the -ewindows option.
     7887.5.1) Using MIDI options to customize Native MIDI output:
     789------ ---------------------------------------------------
     790ScummVM supports a variety of MIDI modes, depending on the capabilities
     791of your MIDI device.
     793If --native-mt32 is specified, ScummVM will treat your device as a real
     794MT-32. Because the instrument mappings and system exclusive commands of
     795the MT-32 vary from those of General MIDI devices, you should only
     796enable this option if you are using an actual Roland MT-32, LAPC-I, CM-64,
     797CM-32L, CM-500, or GS device with an MT-32 map.
     799If --enable-gs is specified, ScummVM will initialize your GS-compatible
     800device with settings that mimic the MT-32's reverb, (lack of) chorus,
     801pitch bend sensitivity, etc. If it is specified in conjunction with
     802--native-mt32, ScummVM will select the MT-32-compatible map and drumset on
     803your GS device. This setting works better than default GM or GS emulation
     804with games that do not have custom instrument mappings (Loom and Monkey1).
     805You should only specify both settings if you are using a GS device that
     806has an MT-32 map, such as an SC-55, SC-88, SC-88 Pro, SC-8820, SC-8850, etc.
     807Please note that --enable-gs is automatically disabled in both DOTT and
     808Samnmax, since they use General MIDI natively.
     810If neither of the above settings is enabled, ScummVM will initialize your
     811device in General MIDI mode and use GM emulation in games with MT-32
     814Some games contain sound effects that are exclusive to the Adlib soundtrack.
     815For these games, you may wish to specify --multi-midi in order to combine
     816MIDI music with Adlib sound effects.
    7878197.6.0) Playing sound with Sequencer MIDI:                        [UNIX ONLY]
    788820------ ----------------------------------
    789821If your soundcard driver supports a sequencer, you may set the environment
    846878Once either TiMidity or FluidSynth are running, use the 'aconnect -o -l'
    847879command as described earlier in this section.
    8498827.7.0) Using MP3 files for CD audio:
    850883------ -----------------------------
    851884Use LAME or some other MP3 encoder to rip the cd audio tracks to files. Name
    11081141                                 supported by some MIDI drivers.)
    11091142        native_mt32     bool     If true, disable GM emulation and assume that
    11101143                                 there is a true Roland MT-32 available.
     1144         enable_gs       bool     If true, enable Roland GS-specific features to
     1145                                 enhance GM emulation. If native_mt32 is also
     1146                                 true, the GS device will select an MT-32 map
     1147                                 to play the correct instruments.
    11111148        sfx_volume      number   The sfx volume setting (0-255)
    11121149        tempo           number   The music tempo (50-200) (default: 100)
    11131150        speech_volume   number   The speech volume setting (0-255)
    1115         copy_protection bool     Enable copy protection in SCUMM games ,when
     1152        copy_protection bool     Enable copy protection in SCUMM games, when
    11161153                                 ScummVM disables it by default.
    11171154        demo_mode       bool     Start demo in Maniac Mansion
    11181155        alt_intro       bool     Use alternative intro for CD versions of