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List of boot params for Fate of Atlantis

1-7873: Start from the Introduction as if normal
2-26143: At the crete ruins with Sophia
3 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Whip, Ship Rib, and Amber Fish
4100: In the introduction, Indy pops out of the hole in the top College
5 Attic and then moves off to the right behind a pole.
6101: Indy comes into the Spindle room in the Crete Labyrinth with Sophia
8145: Indy and Sophia on the Machine in Middle Atlantis that goes around
9 in circles until you pull the levers
10146: Indy and Sophia looking at the Machine in Middle Atlantis that goes
11 around in circles until you pull the levers
12666: Indy and Sophia at the start of the Tikal Jungle
13667: Indy and Sophia in the Temple with Sternhart
14668: Same as 666
15787: Indy and Sophia on boat "Exactly 0 miles of Thera"
16 *Sunstone
17878: Indy at Thera
18879: Indy and Sophia at Thera
19 *2 orichalum, Lost Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone
20888: Same as 878
21909: Indy before the Doors blocked by a pool of water in Atlantis
22 *2 Orichalum, Sunstone, Moonstone, Whip
231101: Meeting Klaus Kerner for the First time in Indy's Office
241102: ERROR: (7:10002:0xBF70): Invalid actor -111 in o5_putActorInRoom
251103: Comming to Caswell Hall with Sophia
261111: Indy by himself with Sophia
27 *Magazine, newspaper
281112: Sophia's Office is Ransacked
291120: Riding the Camel in Fists mode
301121: Riding the Camel in Wits mode
311123: BUG(?)-music like the balloon is flying over the desert, but there
32 is no balloon to control
331130: Flying the balloon over the desert
341162: "A research laboratory somewhere in Germany..."
351181: This initially starts out with a dialog that let's you choose either
36 "Trust"/Team, "Action"/Fists, or "Maze"/Wits. And whatever you
37 choose is what Sophia initially suggests after reading Indy's
38 fortune.
391432: Landing on the Nazi Guard at the Dig site with Balloon
412543: Flying the Balloon to catch the Nazi submarine
422718: Starts at the Introduction like a normal game
432728: Monte Carlo with the Team Path selected
44 *Whip, scary mask
452920: Indy at Crete Ruins
46 *Sunstone, Ship rib, Surveyor's Equipment
473142: The screen that show's up after you die with your current IQ and your
48 total IQ points
493654: Tikal
503838: Indy and Sophia in the Crete Labyrinth. You have the Gold Box in
51 Your possession, but Indy keeps saying he can't reach it.
52 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, Gold Box, Whip, Ship Rib
53 Amber Fish
543939: Indy and Sophia Dropped off at Crete
55 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, whip, rib Amber Fish
56 Clay Jar
573940: Indy in the Labyrinth in Fists Mode
58 *Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, Gold Box, Whip
593941: At Crete with Sophia
60 *Sunstone, Moonstone, Whip, Ship Rib, Amber Fish, Surveyor's
61 Equipment
624040: Indy on Crete After being shot out of the Torpedo
63 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Whip, Ship Rib, Statue used to jump
64 start truck at digsite, surveyor's equipment, rope, shovel, and Note with "No Icon"
654041: Indy in room with Atlantis subway
66 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Whip, Ship Rib, Statue used to jump start truck at digsite, surveyor's equipment, rope, shovel, and Note with "No Icon"
674061: Very Odd-Starts out like you entered the wrong boot Parameter, but
68 Then goes into Indy and Sophia Running out of Atlantis, complete
69 with music
704062: Same as 4061 except Indy is by himself
714122: Indy in canal room with Giant Octopus
72 *3 Orachalum, Whip, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, Statue Part,
73 Bronze spoked Wheel, Crescent Gear, Ladder, Amber Fish
744123: Indy and Sophia in Canal
75 *3 Orachalum, Whip, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, Bronze Gear
76 Bronze spoked Wheel, Crescent Gear, Ladder, Amber Fish
774141: Indy at Crete
78 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Archeology Magazine, Whip Ship Rib
794242: Indy landing the Balloon on the Nazi Submarine
814343: Indy on top of Nazi Sub in Team Mode(?)
82 *Dialog, Whip, Rib, Amber Fish, Gold Box, Clay Jar
834695: Indy in Orachalum making room
84 *Lava cup, Bronze Spoked Wheel
854765: Indy in the Room to get Lava for Orichalum in Atlantis
86 *Stone Cup, Porcelain Mug, Clay Jar, Statue Head
874851: Indy in Crete Labyrinth after physically beating the Nazi whom you
88 can push the stalagmite on.
89 *Whip, Amber fish
904852: Indy in Labyrinth after beating Nazi Carl *CANNOT WALK!*
91 *Whip, Amber Fish
924853: Indy in Labyrinth Somewhere...
93 *Whip, Amber Fish
944854: Indy in Labyrinth after beating Nazi Arnold *CANNOT WALK*
95 *Whip Amber Fish
964855: Indy in Labyrinth after beatting Nazi Otto
97 *Whip, Amber Fish
984949: Indy entering into the room with the Lava Tiles (Not right at them,
99 however)
1004950-4959: All the Underwater sub, but at different depths (i.e. father
101 away, closer to you) *CANNOT GO BACK TO REGULAR GAME
1024960: On top of the Nazi Submarine (Team Path?)
1044962: Colossus with Sophia
105 *Dialog, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone, Archeology Magazine, Whip
1064963: Same as 4962, except without Sophia
1074964: Indy and Sophia walk in and the God Machine Immediately Starts up
1085000: Inside the labyrinth at the Very beginning entrance. Possible to walk
109 out and not be able to get back in again due to lack of stones
110 *Whip
1115001: Indy on the Stone platform with the Gigantic Stone Head in the
112 labyrinth
113 *3 Orachalum, Entrenching tool, Whip, Staff, Comb Scarf
1145002: The Start of a Normal Game in NYC
1155003: Indy lands balloon in Crete
116 *Sunstone, Whip, Ship Rib, Surveyor's Equipment
1175005: Indy and Sophia in Labyrinth (5 way fork)
1185234: Indy and Sophia in Middle Atlantis. Sophia talks about how Nur-ab-Sal
119 is present
120 *3 Orichalum, Amber Fish, Gold Box, Hinge Pin, Light Wand, Sunstone
121 Moonstone, Worldstone
1225555: Indy in Monte Carl
123 *Mask
1245557: Indy on the Crowed Market Streets of Algiers
1255558: Indy the Market Place (Wits?)
1275559: Meeting Omar in His house. Wits Path
128 *Whip
1295560: Monte Carlo
1315561: Monte Carlo with Sunstone
1325562: Monte Carlo at Wits Path
133 *Whip, Kidnapping Note
1345563: Indy and Sophia on Roof for Balloon Ride
135 *Dialog, Balloon Ticket, Knife, Archeology Magazine, Whip, Sunstone
136 Map to Digsite
1375564: Same as 5563, except you only have the balloon ticket
1385876: The Ending where Sophia gets out
1395877: The Ending where Sophia does not get out
1405885: Indy and Sophia in Tikal
141 *Whip
1425886: Same as 5885, except with eel figurine
1435999: Outside the cave at Thera
144 *Dialog, whip, host, balloon, net, basket
1456000: Nothing. This doesn't appear to be a valid boot Parameter.
1466001: Indy Falls down from top Attic Level to the Next Bottom level
147 at the introduction.
1486002: Indy Falls down into the room with books at the very Beginning
1496003: Indy falls down into the cat room
1506004: Indy falls down the coal chute
1516005: Indy and Sophia fly to the Azores
152 *NO ITEMS!
1536010: Indy in Atlantis Maze. No Nazi's appear to be present.
154 *Rib cage, Sausage, gum
1556011: Indy in Octopus room in canal
156 *Crab in cage, Sausage, Gum
1576345: Indy in Room with Doors that require the statue to open them
158 *3 Orachulum, Dialog, statue part, bronze gear, bronze spoked wheel
159 crescent gear, ladder, box
1606665: Indy at Dig Site.
161 *Dialog, whip
1626666: Same as 6665 except Indy Starts off screen
1636667: Indy in the dark Dig Site.
164 *Dialog, Sunstone
1656668: Indy and Sophia landing on the Nazi at the Digsite
166 *Sunstone
1676669: Flying balloon over the Desert
1687456: Walking into Sophia's prison in Atlantis
169 *Light Rod, Hinge Pin
1707777: Same as 7456 except the guard has been killed by the sentry statue
1718100: A spindle *CANNOT GO BACK TO GAME*
1728567: Indy at Crete
173 *Whip, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone
1748888: Monte Carlo Car Chase
1758889: INdy running around Monte Carol after the Car Chase
1768890: Same as above, except with the Stone disk in tow
1779001: Indy at a corner in Monte Carlo
178 *NO ITEMS!
1799101-9106: Indy and Sophia Enter the Room with the Lava Tiles of Doom (Not
180 directly at the start of the lava tile maze, however) All of these
181 appear to be identical, but I could be wrong
1829191: Indy outside Caswell Hall
183 *Whip
1849554: Indy and Sophia talking to Omar
185 *Dialog, whip, Sunstone
1869555: Same as 9554
1879556: Indy in Omar's Shop with Servant
188 *Dialog, Trottier's Card
1899557: Talking to the Servant with a red fez
190 *Whip, Trottier's Card
1919558: Indy and Sophia Talking with Omar
1939559: Indy Talking to Servant
1949678: Indy in Caswell Hall (Upstairs Closed for Repairs?)
195 *Whip
1969900: Indy and Sophia in the Room with the Statue that has to open the door
197 *20 Orichalum, whip, sunstone, moonstone, worldstone, statue part
198 Bronze gear, bronze spoked wheel, crecent statue part, ladder
1999901: Indy and Sophia in the Airlock after getting off Nazi Sub
200 *Crecent statue part, hinge pin, amber fish, septer, metal rod
201 Statue head, cup of lava, crab in ribcage, eel figurine
2029902: Indy in the outermost ring of Atlantis Maze *CANNOT GO ON TO ANOTHER
2049903: Indy and Sophia in the Airlock after getting off Nazi Sub
205 *3 Orichalum, Dialog, Whip, Sunstone, Moonstone, Worldstone
2069904: Outside Lava pit room in Atlantis where Sophia is possessed by
207 Nur-ab-Sal
208 *Scepter, Metal Rod, Statue head, Gold Box, empty stone cup, crab
209 in rib cage, eel figurine
2109905: Indy and Sophia in the Airlock after getting off Nazi Sub
211 *25 Orichalum, Dialog, whip, Sunstone, moonstone, worldstone, box
2129909: Indy crashes Tram into Atlantis
213 *Bronze spoked wheel, crecent part, statue head, cup of lava, crab
214 in rib cage, eel figurine