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    105105        UNIX            - SDL           (Linux, Solaris, IRIX, *BSD)
     108Copy Protection:
     110The ScummVM team does not condone piracy. However, there are cases when
     111LucasArts themselves bundled cracked interpreters with their own games --
     112the data files still contain the copy protection scripts, but the interpreter
     113bypasses them. There is no way for us to tell the difference between legitimate
     114and pirated data files, so for the games where we know the original interpreter
     115may have been cracked ScummVM will always have to bypass the copy protection.
     117At the time of writing, that includes the following games:
     119Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (EGA)
     120Loom (16 color floppy version)
     121Maniac Mansion
     122Monkey Island 1 (EGA version)
     123Monkey Island 1 (VGA version)
     124Monkey Island 2
     125Zak McKracken (256 color FM Towns version)
     127In most cases ScummVM will still show the copy protection screen. Try entering
     128any answer. Chances are that it will work.
    108131Known Problems in ScummVM 0.4.0:
    110133This release has the following known problems. There is no need to report them,