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Walkthrough to bug

1Hit ESC a few times to skip past all intro scenes
2Pick up newspaper from red board
3Walk right, Open door
4Pick conversations options: 1 2 1 3 3
5Talk to stagehand 1
6Talk to stagehand, hit ESC
7Talk to stagehand, hit ESC
8Give newspaper to stagehand 1
9Push left lever
10Push right lever
11Push button
12Hit ESC and . repeatedly to skip dialogue and scene
13[You're in Iceland, but you're not ready yet...]
14Walk to old dig site
15Talk to Heimdall 3 3 1 4
16Walk to exit
17Use truck
18Fly to Tikal
19Walk to entrance to jungle
20Walk close to rodent until it is slightly right of center
21Use whip with rodent (it should get killed)
22Follow it out
23Walk to tree 2
24Walk to temple 1 2 2 2 2 4
25Talk to parrot 4
26Walk to temple
27Talk to Sternhart 2 1
28Talk to Sophia 2
29Walk to exit
30Pick up kerosene lamp from booth
31Open lamp
32Use lamp with spiral design on the left
33Pick up spiral design
34Use spiral design with animal head
35Pull nose
36Pick up shiny bead
37Walk to exit
38Walk to path around jungle (on right)
39Use truck
40Fly to Iceland
41Walk to old dig site
43OK now SAVE
44Use the bead in the exposed eel head
46If the game's working right for you, you can now get the eel.
47If you're getting the bug behavior I'm getting, you can't get the eel.