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scummvm log

1User picked target 'sq5' (gameid 'sci')...
2 Looking for a plugin supporting this gameid... SCI Engine [SCI0, SCI01, SCI10, SCI11, SCI32]
3 Starting 'Sierra SCI Game'
4The game in '/home/xor/games/sq5rus' seems to be unknown.
5Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name
6of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.:
7 "resource.000", "6f9ed21e1001526b4137f6703ed476af", 6103778
8 "resource.map", "82e6e9b4270a4007578a119b6a51860c", 6493
9 "resource.msg", "0a8931990cd2eac1691602391c68ab85", 147580
11resMan: Detected resource map version 4: SCI1.1
12resMan: Detected volume version 4: SCI1.1
13resMan: Detected SCI1.1
14resMan: Detected SCI1.1 VGA graphic resources
17resMan: Detected resource map version 4: SCI1.1
18resMan: Detected volume version 4: SCI1.1
19Patching 65535.map - OK
20resMan: Detected SCI1.1
21resMan: Detected SCI1.1 VGA graphic resources
22Kernel auto-detected features:
23Graphics functions: new
24WARNING: Kernel function ShiftScreen[6e] unmapped!
25WARNING: Kernel function MemorySegment[70] unmapped!
26WARNING: Kernel function ListOps[73] unmapped!
27WARNING: Kernel function ATan[79] unmapped!
28WARNING: Kernel function MergePoly[7e] unmapped!
29WARNING: Kernel function AssertPalette[80] unmapped!
30WARNING: Kernel function TextColors[81] unmapped!
31WARNING: Kernel function TextFonts[82] unmapped!
32WARNING: Kernel function Record[83] unmapped!
33WARNING: Kernel function PlayBack[84] unmapped!
34WARNING: Kernel function DbugStr[88] unmapped!
35Emulating SCI version SCI1.1
36WARNING: Dummy function TextFonts[0x82] invoked - ignoring. Params: 9 (0000:0645, 0000:03e7, 0000:03ed, 0000:03ef, 0000:03f0, 0000:083a, 0000:051b, 0000:0902, 0000:1464)!
37WARNING: Dummy function TextColors[0x81] invoked - ignoring. Params: 7 (0000:0000, 0000:000f, 0000:001a, 0000:001f, 0000:0022, 0000:0034, 0000:003f)!
38WARNING: FIXME: Add proper script uninstantiation for SCI 1.1!