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scummvm log

1User picked target 'sq4' (gameid 'sci')...
2 Looking for a plugin supporting this gameid... SCI Engine [SCI0, SCI01, SCI10, SCI11, SCI32]
3 Starting 'Sierra SCI Game'
4The game in '/home/xor/games/sq4' seems to be unknown.
5Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name
6of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.:
7 "resource.002", "9c342cd76b421369406d6fafd7b1a285", 1234726
8 "resource.003", "e617f09840d9f86181f7602c8bf2e8ad", 1266491
9 "resource.000", "e1f46832cd2458796028e054a0466031", 186750
10 "resource.001", "1110371c3bafbbf8968a324097c83fdb", 1283759
11 "resource.map", "e4f77dd99012d51e16903da07769a7bf", 5928
12 "resource.004", "2763fe4f0cb74df716ec8b0c464b0988", 1217428
13 "resource.005", "d608713197c5ba1cd8c6ed46299c3069", 1057924
15resMan: Detected resource map version 1: SCI0 / Early SCI1
16resMan: Detected volume version 1: SCI0 / Early SCI1
17resMan: Detected Early SCI1
18resMan: Detected VGA graphic resources
21resMan: Detected resource map version 1: SCI0 / Early SCI1
22resMan: Detected volume version 1: SCI0 / Early SCI1
23Patching 994.v56 - OK
24Patching 993.v56 - OK
25Patching 992.v56 - OK
26resMan: Detected Early SCI1
27resMan: Detected VGA graphic resources
28Kernel auto-detected features:
29Graphics functions: new
30WARNING: Kernel function ShiftScreen[6e] unmapped!
31WARNING: Kernel function MemorySegment[70] unmapped!
32WARNING: Kernel function ListOps[73] unmapped!
33WARNING: Kernel function ATan[79] unmapped!
34WARNING: Kernel function MergePoly[7e] unmapped!
35WARNING: Kernel function AssertPalette[80] unmapped!
36WARNING: Kernel function TextColors[81] unmapped!
37WARNING: Kernel function TextFonts[82] unmapped!
38WARNING: Kernel function Record[83] unmapped!
39WARNING: Kernel function PlayBack[84] unmapped!
40WARNING: Kernel function DbugStr[88] unmapped!
41Emulating SCI version Early SCI1
42WARNING: Unknown opening animation 0x64!
43b-moveCnt action based on checksum: increment
44Overwriting old song (000101d0) ...
45WARNING: ADLIB: ignoring MIDI command bf 50 7f!
46WARNING: TODO: Palette fadeout/fadein!
47Overwriting old song (002403c2) ...