Ticket #2684: tff_scummvm-d3.txt

File tff_scummvm-d3.txt, 1.9 KB (added by SF/lblume, 15 years ago)

Output of scummvm -d3

1Debuglevel (from command line): 3
2File modern.zip not found
3File modern.ini not found
4File modern.zip not found
5File classic.ini not found
6Reading section: [XxY]
7Reading section: [chooser]
8Reading section: [graphicsControls]
9Reading section: [audioControls]
10Reading section: [volumeControls]
11Reading section: [subtitleControls]
12Reading section: [midiControls]
13Reading section: [graphicsControls]
14Reading section: [audioControls]
15Reading section: [volumeControls]
16Reading section: [subtitleControls]
17Reading section: [midiControls]
18Reading section: [scummmain]
19Reading section: [volumeControls]
20Reading section: [subtitleControls]
21Number of variables: 1247
22Looking for feeble
23Trying to start game 'The Feeble Files'
24Output sample rate: 22050 Hz
25File tbllist. not found
26File game22. not found
27File game32 not found
28File simon.gme not found
29File gfxindex.dat. not found
30File stripped.txt not found
31File game32. not found
32File gdemo. not found
33File graphics.vga. not found
34File gamebase. not found
35File gameamiga not found
36File graphics.vga not found
37File icon.dat not found
38File gsptr30 not found
39File simon.gme. not found
40File icon.pkd not found
41File data. not found
42File stripped.txt. not found
43Opening hashed: /opt/games/data/The Feeble Files/GAME22
44Opening hashed: /opt/games/data/The Feeble Files/GAME22
45File simon2.gme. not found
46File gamebase not found
47File stripped. not found
48File gamepc not found
49File simon2.gme not found
50File icon.dat. not found
51Opening hashed: /opt/games/data/The Feeble Files/TBLLIST
52Opening hashed: /opt/games/data/The Feeble Files/TBLLIST
53File icondata. not found
54File icondata not found
55File gameamiga. not found
56File icon.pkd. not found
57File gdemo not found
58File gamepc. not found
59File data not found
60File stripped not found
61File gfxindex.dat not found
62File gsptr30. not found
63Found game: The Feeble Files (English/Windows/2CD)
64Running The Feeble Files (English/Windows/2CD)
65Opening hashed: /opt/games/data/The Feeble Files/GAME22
66Itemheap overflow