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1Exec module number 0 script entry number 23
2Loading script module #0
3loadResource 0
4Loading module base...
5loadResource 1
6string[0]=I don't see anything here... perhaps the next building will hold a valuable clue.
7string[1]=I'm here to assist you, not intimidate you. I'll do as you wish.
8string[2]=Here again?
9string[3]=A fortune-teller hears many things, perhaps what she says will be useful.
10string[4]=I'll wait out here, the tent is small enough without me in it.
11string[5]=This was one of the best faires we've ever had. Well, for most of us, anyway.
12string[6]=It appears to be the only route through to the Wildlands.
13string[7]=Such a maze! The dogs must be able to sniff their way through.
14string[8]=You must get through, it's our only chance.
15string[9]=I never doubted you'd save us.
16string[10]=It will take all of us to remove that block.
17string[11]=Let's go!
18string[12]=I miss my pasture.
19string[13]=It's good to be away from those dogs.
20string[14]=You've had a chance to explore this area. Where do we go from here?
21string[15]=If we went any higher, we would be broaching the Land of Clouds itself.
22string[16]=Let's visit that house.
23string[17]=I like these high places.
24string[18]=This is most foolish. We are the last people the Forest King wants to see. I suggest we continue our search.
25string[19]=Your Majesty. We're sorry to have disturbed you. Good day to you, Sire.
26string[20]=So this is what the Boars call "home".
27string[21]=They must be away for the day...or asleep.
28string[22]=We shouldn't disturb this person.
29string[23]=What are we doing here?
30string[24]=Rats! These awful creatures make me want to stampede!
31string[25]=It's late, I think we'd better go.
32string[26]=It's been a pleasure to meet you.
33string[27]=Let's hope we get somewhere with these Ferrets.
34string[28]=I don't think we're going to get a straight answer from this fellow.
35string[29]=Perhaps this one has an answer to our problem.
36string[30]=Perhaps this excellent craftsman will provide a solution to our problems.
37string[31]=We're on the right track! I can feel it.
38string[32]=I'll bet I could jump this gate if I really wanted to.
39string[33]=I must say I admire this woman, Elara.
40string[34]=The temple looks quite beautiful from here.
41string[35]=The wetness, the tossing, the danger... I hate boats.
42string[36]=Well, here we are -- standing at the edge of yet another unknown land.
43string[37]=She must certainly value her privacy to hide like this.
44string[38]=This is a strange place to live.
45string[39]=Do you have any idea where you're going?
46string[40]=I think it's time to escape.
47string[41]=If the raccoon has the Orb, and the raccoon is here, we can't just leave without looking for it. The Orb might be right under our noses!
48string[42]=I don't like this place.
49string[43]=So this is Gar's den. A small place for such a "mighty" leader.
50string[44]=It's impressive, but why would anyone build such a useless thing?
51string[45]=Perhaps that thing is here to keep other tribes out.
52string[46]=Amazing, a painting that moves!
53string[47]=Each of these buildings is more strange than the last.
54string[48]=Oooh! Cool refreshing water.
55string[49]=Finally, another forest to explore and enjoy.
56string[50]=We Elk are known for our sure-footedness. Let me try to cross it.
57string[51]=C'mon, we're nearly across these mountains.
58string[52]=Who could have made these gems and why would he place them here?
59string[53]=What a lovely horizon. There have been times lately when I've wondered if I would ever see another one.
60string[54]=Who could have built them? Do you think it could have been... The Humans?
61string[55]=What a strange building!
62string[56]=Perhaps there are things here we can use.
63string[57]=This is the strangest room yet...and that's really saying something.
64string[58]=No land that isn't green can truly be worth the visit.
65string[59]=Bees deserve more respect than to be run out of their home.
66string[60]=These rooms have a special beauty I never would have expected, and a sadness at being so empty.
67string[61]=Okk, at times like this I can understand your preference for small, enclosed spaces.
68string[62]=I hear something up above.
69string[63]=Let's go!
70string[64]=I doubt visiting any of these buildings will help us find the orb.
71string[65]=I have my orders to help you. Lead on as you wish, but I'll be watching everything you do.
72string[66]=I feel like we're going in circles.
73string[67]=These fortune-tellers don't know anything. I prefer the Wild-Guess method, myself.
74string[68]=This little sneak can't be trusted. Believe me.
75string[69]=I barely got a chance to enjoy the faire and here I am on assignment again.
76string[70]=Very impressive for a doghouse.
77string[71]=We shouldn't stop to talk. We should keep moving, NOW!
78string[72]=Rif, what are you doing here?
79string[73]=You are an honorable warrior to have returned.
80string[74]=Let's try to remove that block.
81string[75]=Let's get out of here!
82string[76]=I don't think I like it in here. Too many dog smells. But I do like the dankness.
83string[77]=Let's avoid this place in the future.
84string[78]=Let's avoid this place in the future.
85string[79]=It's...it's just the...thin...air...hard to...breathe...I'll be alright...in a ...moment.
86string[80]=I think there may be someone at home.
87string[81]=I'll never remember all the things he's told us.
88string[82]=Plants, flowers, sunshine... you know it scares me a little.
89string[83]=How can you stand to live among so much green? Ecch, what a color.
90string[84]=Home, sweet home.
91string[85]=I remember guard duty. What misery.
92string[86]=So you tell us big furry cats live here, eh?
93string[87]=We'll never get anywhere this way.
94string[88]=There isn't time for socializing.
95string[89]=Everyplace else has guards, the RAT guards must be watching from someplace...
96string[90]=It's late, I think we'd better go.
97string[91]=It's been a pleasure to meet you.
98string[92]=Plants, flowers, sunshine... you know it scares me a little.
99string[93]=Okk, please try not to intimidate the Ferrets.
100string[94]=Who, me?
101string[95]=I must say, I'm showing a great deal of restraint.
102string[96]=This odd fellow may be our last chance.
103string[97]=I wonder if these guys are handy around the house.
104string[98]=Be careful, Rif. Overlook nothing!
105string[99]=I like big gates, they give me a good, secure feeling.
106string[100]=These clean and shiny walls make me very uncomfortable.
107string[101]=The temple looks quite boring from here.
108string[102]=The wetness, the tossing, the danger... I love boats.
109string[103]=Maybe we're chasing the wrong raccoon. Maybe he didn't steal the Orb at all.
110string[104]=A vegetable garden? For a wolf?
111string[105]=I like secret passages, I really do.
112string[106]=...that my stomach is hungry.
113string[107]=My instincts are telling me...
114string[108]=I hate it when we're trying to get away, and you just want to talk!
115string[109]=We should search quickly and get out of here.
116string[110]=I don't like this place.
117string[111]=A leader without his own bath doesn't deserve any respect at all.
118string[112]=There seems to be water coming out of the windows in that building. Very disturbing.
119string[113]=It looks like some sort of huge wall.
120string[114]=Everything is white. Why can't they paint their buildings a proper brown.
121string[115]=What is that blinking device?
122string[116]=Water this clear makes me nervous.
123string[117]=Not bad, Elk. Not bad at all.
124string[118]=Are you sure this is the right way?
125string[119]=This is the kind of place I like!
126string[120]=Watch your step.
127string[121]=Don't worry about me.
128string[122]=And the last place was really strange!
129string[123]=Each place we visit seems stranger than the last.
130string[124]=And what are those? Some sort of houses?
131string[125]=This place is a mess. That's why I like it.
132string[126]=There's something about this place I don't like. Too many things flashing.
133string[127]=These rooms are too filled with noise and ghosts and broken machines. Let's keep moving.
134string[128]=Huh? What did you say? I can't hear you!
135string[129]=Now this is the kind of place I could really live in...given a little more rubbish on the floor, of course.
136string[130]=Finally, someplace without a bunch of plants and trees.
137string[131]=Oh no, not another tree...
138string[132]=Are you sure this is the right way?
139string[133]=There's no place to open it.
140string[134]=Nothing to open, looks like.
141string[135]=There's no opening to close.
142string[136]=Nothing to close, looks like.
143string[137]=I can't figure out how to use it.
144string[138]=I don't know how to use it.
145string[139]=Nothing special about it.
146string[140]=We don't have it to give.
147string[141]=We already have that.
148string[142]=I'd rather not.
149string[143]=What are you looking at?
150string[144]=We don't have it to give.
151string[145]=We already have that.
152string[146]=I'd rather not.
153string[147]=I see you admire my noble bearing.
154string[148]=That would be messy.
155string[149]=Perhaps these will lead us to the thief.
156string[150]=These might be a valuable clue.
157string[151]=I wonder where they came from?
158string[152]=I've never seen berries like this before.
159string[153]=Use this magic hat to teleport to other scenes.
160string[154]=Enter the new scene number.
161string[155]=I hope we find the foot that matches this.
162string[156]=This plaster is heavy.
163string[157]=Better not, or this stuff will be everywhere.
164string[158]=It's already closed.
165string[159]=Better save it for later.
166string[160]=There's nothing much plainer than a bag of plaster.
167string[161]=They can't be used. They're broken.
168string[162]=What odd pieces of glass.
169string[163]=Only Tycho knows how to do that.
170string[164]=What an odd design. How does it work?
171string[165]=I wonder what it unlocks?
172string[166]=This is the key from Prince's bedroom.
173string[167]=A key!
175string[169]=These twigs look like they might burn easily.
176string[170]=Nothing special about it.
177string[171]=All I need is a spark to light it.
178string[172]=Now I have tinder for a fire.
179string[173]=It's tasty but I'd better save some for more important things.
180string[174]=It doesn't seem to accomplish much.
181string[175]=There's nothing inside.
182string[176]=The little cylinder came out again, and the lights went out.
183string[177]=It seems to fit right inside.
184string[178]=I'll bet this little cylinder has the power to make things glow.
185string[179]=The jewels on the triangle started to glow.
186string[180]=I'm not quite sure how to use it.
187string[181]=It seems like there's a part missing.
188string[182]=It's a metallic triangle with some jewel-like decorations.
189string[183]=Hmm. I wonder what it is.
190string[184]=A strange, metallic triangle.
191string[185]=This might come in handy.
192string[186]=It's a screwdriver.
193string[187]=Nothing to use it on.
194string[188]=There's nothing inside.
195string[189]=And there's a little door on the back.
196string[190]=It's got little glowing red symbols.
197string[191]=There's nothing inside.
198string[192]=And the little red numbers stopped glowing.
199string[193]=Hey! A tiny golden cylinder popped out.
200string[194]=When I put the little cylinder back in, the numbers start glowing again.
201string[195]=I'm not quite sure how to use it.
202string[196]=Fly away, little bees.
203string[197]=I shall take a small portion of your golden treasure and see that it is put to good use.
204string[198]=I suppose I could light these twigs on fire, but I'll need to gather them into a pile first.
206string[200]=Good idea.
207string[201]=That doesn't seem to work.
208string[202]=Hmm, a piece of flint.
209string[203]=If I had some steel, and something to burn, I could start a fire.
210string[204]=I'm already wearing it.
211string[205]=The cloak doesn't have pockets.
212string[206]=If I pick it up they'll see a fox underneath!
213string[207]=I hope this disguise works.
214string[208]=I can get it when I leave.
216string[210]=I already have a cloak.
217string[211]=Rat cloaks... and they look about my size.
218string[212]=What a lovely rock crystal! I'm sure it must be worth something to somebody.
219string[213]=This must be worth something if I can just break it off.
220string[214]=What a lovely rock crystal!
221string[215]=I'd better save these for later.
222string[216]=These must be freshly minted.
223string[217]=Let's see where we are.
224string[218]=It's not nice to open other people's mail.
225string[219]=It's already sealed.
226string[220]=There's nothing to use it for.
227string[221]=I must deliver this for Elara.
228string[222]=There's not much use for this.
229string[223]=Next time, this will be gold!
230string[224]=There is no way to open a medallion.
231string[225]=There's not much use for this.
232string[226]=It's getting pretty hard and dry, though.
233string[227]=What an odd red color.
234string[228]=Better hang on to this.
235string[229]=What an odd design. The head of a wolf.
236string[230]=Better save this for later.
237string[231]=Quite an intricate design!
238string[232]=It looks like an ordinary cup.
239string[233]=Sorry. It's empty.
240string[234]=Just your average garden-variety bucket.
241string[235]=Looks good. Now, to use it before it dries.
242string[236]=I don't think they'd want to wear it.
243string[237]=Dumping buckets of cold water on people's heads isn't generally considered polite.
244string[238]=Dumping wet plaster on people's heads usually leads to hard feelings.
245string[239]=I don't think putting that in the bucket will be of any use.
246string[240]=Well, I dumped the water out, but it doesn't seem to have done much good.
247string[241]=I don't think people would appreciate it if I dumped plaster all over this.
248string[242]=It's already open.
249string[243]=I can't close a bucket.
250string[244]=A bag of fertilizer. For the garden, no doubt.
251string[245]=This would make a lovely gift for the Boar King.
252string[246]=Now what am I going to do with a cup of that?
253string[247]=No time for gardening now.
255string[249]=Good idea!
256string[250]=I don't think I want to carry this around.
257string[251]=Looks like a hummingbird feeder.
258string[252]=It doesn't have much use unless I'm a hummingbird.
259string[253]=Nothing in there but sugar water.
260string[254]=It's already closed.
261string[255]=If I take it, then the birds won't have anything to eat.
262string[256]=I'm not quite sure how to use it.
263string[257]=It's a little metallic cylinder that came out of the box with the glowing red numbers on it.
264string[258]=I have nothing to tie up.
265string[259]=It's a thick black cable with little metal strands inside.
266string[260]=It's not dark enough to need a lamp.
267string[261]=It's a fine brass oil lamp, full of oil.
268string[262]=If I do that, the oil will spill out.
269string[263]=It's already closed.
270string[264]=I'm not sure how to use it.
271string[265]=It's a thin card with metallic markings on it.
272string[266]=I'll need something to help me reach it.
273string[267]=I'd need a cat for that.
274string[268]=Interesting smell.
275string[269]=I wonder if this was made by the humans?
276string[270]=I didn't know these things were so expensive -- I hope it's worth it.
277string[271]=It's a small silver needle and some cotton thread.
278loadResource 30
282Calling 0xB sfLockUser argCount=1
283Interface::setMode 0
295Calling 0xB sfLockUser argCount=1