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Speed walkthrough to Berlin... takes about half an hour

1Note that this walkthrough is a speed walkthrough to get you to Berlin, with a minimum of fighting.
3Walk out the door to the left.
4Talk to marcus. Conv. options 3 1. Walk in your office door (slightly to your right).
5Hit ESC to skip the setup. Talk to the students. Conversation options 4 4 4.
6Get the mail 3 times. Get the package. Open the package. Open the right window and go through.
7Hit ESC to skip animations.
8Go to Henry's house. Go to the bedroom, take the painting, and leave.
9Travel to Venice. Circle through the library on the bottom bookshelves.
10Use What Is to scan every bookshelf for two individual "book"s amongst the "books". You need two books: a map of the catacombs, (amongst other maps of Italy; use Look to see the general area,) and a copy of Mein Kampf (amongst fascist propaganda, lying diagonally).
11While you're circling around, if you see a red cordon, take it, and take the metal post.
12OK, now that you have both books, look at the Grail Diary. Circle around the windows and Look at each; eventually you'll find a window that indy says looks JUST like the one in the book. Look at the Diary again. It will say to follow the Nth on the [right|left]. Right/left indicates which statue plaque to read; the Nth indicates which number on that plaque is interesting. So if it said 2nd on the right, and the right hand plaque said II VII V, you'd want VII in this room.
13Having figured out which one is interesting, save and use the metal post on that tile. You should go down into the catacombs.
14Read your map. You need to go east through three large rooms on the bottom to get to a large room in the north.
15On your way, you should pass a skeleton with a hook; take the hook. You should also pass a room with a torch. When you get all the way east to the large room in the north, exit the sewer.
16Walk west and look at the wine bottle on the table, then take it. Go east to the fountain and use the bottle on it. Go back into the sewer.
17Return to the room with the torch. Use the bottle on the torch and get the torch. Go east to the room with the plug. Use the hook on the plug and use the whip on the hook.
18Go back west to go up to the first floor. You should now be able to go all the way east on the bottom edge to reach a now emptied room. Go east through it, and immediately turn north into the machine room.
19Use the red cordon on the machine and use the machine. Leave the room and find the room in the far northeast.
20Look at the Grail Diary. Save. Push on the right hand statue repeatedly until it looks like the lefthand Grail diary page. Now push the left hand statue until it does as well. Finally, push on the center statue until the door opens.
21Go downstairs and straight west. Cross the bridge and continue west. You'll pass through a room with skeletons into a room in the northwest with skulls.
22Look at the Grail Diary. You need to play that tune with the skulls by Pushing them; the top note is the left-hand skull.
23OK, go through and feel your way around until you find the stairs, and then the room with the coffin. (Sorry, no map this time, but there's no distractions either, so you should be OK.)
24Open the coffin, and look at it. Walk to the grate on the right and open the lock, then open the grate. Exit the sewers. Hit ESC to get to Berlin.
25Walk inside. Does this guy have relatives in town? Otto's fine, but he must go to him. You can prove you know Otto.
26Take the exit on the back wall; go to the far southeast door. Talk to this guy about everything except that he's drunk. (You need this info to bluff guards later.) He'll also give you his stein.
27Go to the door just north of this door. Fill it, use it on the fire, refill it, and wait for the steam to pass. Take the meat.
28Return to the first room. Take the exit going right against back wall.
29Go south. 3 2 1 to get past this guard going south. Open the door on the right. Get the servant uniform.
30Across the hallway, take the door further north. Walk all the way to the east and push the suit of armor to make a mark on the floor.
31Go north to the next guard. 1 2 2
32Go upstairs and enter a room. Change to the servant uniform. Go south. To get past this guard, give him the painting.
33Go east until the hallway turns north, then take the door on your left. There should be a chest. Open it and look inside, then look at the uniform.
34Change back into IndyWear then go back downstairs to the laundry room. Use the key on the uniform lock and take the uniform. Go back up to the second floor, find a room and change into the grey uniform.
35OK, now circle around east to go to the door furthest to the northwest. Open that door and give the alarm guy a copy of Mein Kampf. Use the stein on the grating.
36Now take the furthest right door in this hallway. 3 2 3 Now you know Siegfriend can see secret orders. Go through the door he guards.
37There's a window on the far right. Open it and go through. Open the window on the far right and go through. There's a loose brick sticking out, push it.
38Go back out and use the whip on the brick. Upstairs, open the middle window and go through. OK, now leave. Click on the second floor to jump down.
39Go back out through the window you came out on. Change back into the grey uniform. Go all the way east and talk to the guard. 3 1 2 1.
40Go to the third floor. Circle around and talk to this guard. 1 2 1.
41Go to the northern most door going west. Give the meat to the dog. Get the trophy. Go back down to the kitchen and fill the trophy using the keg. (Don't forget to change back to IndyWear before you get to the first floor, and to change back when you leave.)
42Go back to the third floor. Go west to biff. Give him the trophy. Now hit him once. Go south and west to Siegfried. 3 2 3
43Go all the way to the end of the hall and open the door north. Take the key on the candelabra.
44Circle around north to the middle door. Unlock that door with the key. Go inside, and try to walk out. Select conversation option 3 (or whatever) for Vogel.
45Switch to Henry and have him push the chairs about a hundred thousand times so you're lined up on the mark you made. Switch to Indy and push the armor.
46OK, now push the statue on the left hand side of the fireplace. Go through. Use the motorbike.
47Talk to the checkpoint guard, 3 3 1 ... now save ... 1.
48Hooray! You're in Berlin, and can now reproduce the bug. Whew!